Who am I ?

In the hot summer of 2011, I set foot on Goa. And in the week to follow, I bathed in the pristine beaches, enjoyed the setting sun each day with cheap alcohol, had some of the most awesome goan delicacies, danced on beaches into the night, and repeat. This is like any other tourist. 

The first time in Goa with friends for an Indian teenager is a big leap forward. And hell yes, I had a blast. But what struck me in the days to follow, is not just how much I loved Goa, but how much i loved traveling and meeting new people. And that’s when i realized you need to travel to live, you need to travel to learn. I went back to Goa again, not once but thrice. Once you stay like a Goan, that place keeps calling you back.

And then a few days ago i came across this line from The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky –“We cannot decide where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there,”  It was a Moment-of-Impact for me. One of those moments of impact which define the way you think, things you plan and the things you do.  Though Stephen meant it as a metaphor, I interpreted it as it is. And yes that’s because I love to travel. A person who loves to wander off, travel those untraveled virgin places would have definitely done the same.

Not all those who wander are lost, sometimes to live you have to go wandering off to the woods. You have to follow the setting sun, so that your chronicles don’t end. The world surely changes every 1000ft and You do want to see a lot of it if not all. And given that You have exactly one life in which to do everything you will ever want to, You must act accordingly. Infact act now. Because the distance between your reality and your dreams is Action.

OK. I am no armchair philosopher. Actually, is I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and I work as a Business Process and ERP Consultant with a leading MNC. Yes, I know this sounds boring. Period.

Also a budding photographer (my friends say mine is faggot photography page on facebook, read Moments In Time), an avid traveller who was born in bombay and brought up in Mumbai (i know its the same place, we Indians like to fiddle with names), a complete nomad at heart.

I am fun over a cup of coffee, and a riot over a pitcher of beer. (oh yeah, i know I am cool). Another passtime, I tweet left, right and centre (@thebombaynomad)

and I travel for these

and I travel for these….

Follow me. Stay Connected. Always.


4 Responses to Who am I ?

  1. Love this bit. It’s so honest and so “you” 🙂 You’ll go places! Literally and figuratively 😀


  2. hahaha. i am not changing this because it reflects my urge to be a cool fellow … trying to attract maximum traffic to my blog.. 😛


  3. Adishri says:

    A CA who travels!! That’s nice! I am pursuing the course and have a passion for travelling. Hope to start soon!


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