Barcelona – See you in 2026!


Barcelona will amaze you, sweep you off your feet. It will then take a bit of your heart for ever. Barcelona, one of the party capitals in the world,  was our 31st December plan!

We did a lot of things wrong in Barcelona:

  1. My friend’s phone got robbed in a crowded metro. I still think I caught the robber but my friend allowed him to go away. This was the 1st hour of 2016 btw.
  2. We did not buy tickets to the Sagrada Familia online. And we were unable to buy one at the counter because the daily quota of tickets was over.
  3. Having missed the Sagrada, we decided to give the Gaudi walk a miss. We are going back in 2026.

Apart from a free walking tour in the morning, finding a quiet place on the beach in the evening and claiming victory at the Arc du Triomphe, we did not do much. Yes, we did eat the 12 grapes, 12 seconds before the new year for good luck and enjoyed a fireworks show. I think Rahul did something wrong in this act. He was robbed of his phone in the next 25 minutes.

Here are a few pictures:

Barcelona Cathedral: Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. A neo-Gothic structure was built for Saint Eulalia – 13 year old who suffered martyrdom for refusing to recant her Christianity. She was subjected to 13 brutal tortures, finally leading to decapitation.


Tomb of Saint Eulalia

Arc de Triomf: This was merely an entrance to an exhibition held in 1888. The  triumphal arch is built with colorful brickwork in Mudéjar style.


We caught up with the afternoon tour just in time. My favorite walking tour operator – ‘New Sandemans’ run free walking tours twice a day. Talking about food, dance and culture to why Catalonians fight for independence even today. Also talking about the intense rivalry with Madrid and why the El Classico is not restricted to the football pitch

Catalan Caganars: They also do ‘shitting’ jokes on individuals in Barcelona which is worn like a state gallantry award.I enjoyed that. If you are popular in Catalonya, be sure that you will be next to these greats!

We loved the beach. Walked from the port to the other end. The water was too cold for a dip. In 2026, we are going in the summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sagrada Familia: This detailed architectural brilliance is under construction. They are building for tomorrow! Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece is projected to be completed after 144 years of construction in 2026.

To Catalonya, we will see you again!



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